Did I see myself being a spiritual coach or think I would be facilitating energy work as a career path? 

Not at all.

Like many, I tried to conform to societal expectations and pressures. I did my best to try and suppress what felt like a natural intuition for a forced, practical lifestyle. It was a painful, confusing road that taught me to value my natural talents and realize the world truly opens up to you if you stay true to yourself.

As a child, I experienced a mixture of Christianity, Judaism, and Cherokee belief systems through my parents. As I learned of more religions in schools, I began to see the similarities and messages they all shared, and that the starker differences were simply different interpretations of those messages. 

It's what planted a seed of faith that anything is possible.

Fast forward a few years and that childhood curiosity was overtaken with the anxieties and worries of responsibility. The demands of the immediate moment. Throughout all this time I was experiencing things no one could explain. I was having vivid dreams. I was experiencing intense connections and energy from people and things beyond my understanding. These things were happening to me, despite me trying to live a “normal” life. 

It wasn’t until college that my spiritual gifts became too great to suppress and I finally reconciled with my true nature.

The vivid dreams were constant. I was having sleep paralysis. I would see a blue orb floating around my house. I started to see the number 117 everywhere I would go. 

I told some friends about it and some would tell me to "stop," or "it's just a coincidence." I tried to go to church but was given the usual quotes.

I was feeling isolated and lonely. I thought I was going crazy! 

But then one morning, I can clearly remember walking to the bus stop and looking up to the sky. I saw a V-formation of geese fly by and immediately stopped. I was caught up in this intense feeling, this knowing, that there is an unseen force that connects these birds. I then remember thinking to myself: 'This feels so familiar. I feel like I've been here before. I feel like I came to Earth for a reason.' Call it an awakening, a sudden burst of intuition, or whatever. I just knew.  

It was then that I took control. I Googled my experiences to see if anyone else was going through this.

What I read shook me to my core.

Hundreds of stories from people all over the world. People who had never met living in different societies with different lives. So many of these experiences were happening to them too.

These people were also always being told that they were "too sensitive" or “just looking for coincidences”. Almost everyone reported having empathic abilities to feel the energy of people around them. I read stories about people learning about their intuitive abilities. People seeing and talking to deceased loved ones. Knowing things about people they had never met before. Picking up on the energy of houses and buildings. It was too weird!

I began to research lightworkers, those who have a sense of belonging in the universe. These people feel called to live out a mission, or purpose that is bigger than just them. These people feel they are not just a single drop in the ocean, but the whole ocean itself. These people feel connected at a soul level and are answering an inner calling to serve everything and everyone on our planet. 

I didn’t realize something, I remembered—I am one of these people!

I understood that my soul signed up for this lifetime and that this is a very important transformational period for humanity. The exciting part was seeing that even though everyone is on a different path, we are all on the same journey.

Finally, I had found my tribe. People who had “gone through it”. Groups who had formed to talk and learn from each other. I started learning about ancient mystery schools, crystals, chakras, energy work, mediumship, past lives, quantum physics, extraterrestrials, and anything I could. 

It all started to make sense to me.

My path led me to study in the RMA Mystery School (Manifestation. Rejuvenation. Ascension.), in Hawai'i for 3 years after college. I was initiated as a High Priest and became a graduate of the Vibrational Healing Program taught by author and teacher Joy Gardner, the Founder and Director of both the program and the school. 

I learned alongside others and was taught to strengthen my gifts in order to serve others more. I learned to trust my inner voice, and how to help others do the same. I became aware of all the endless and limitless support that our universe provides and I am excited to continue growing and expanding myself.

I then studied Reiki under the Reiki Master, Lisa Powers, B.Ki, B.E. I studied Life Purpose, Happiness, and Cognitive Behavioral Technique under Joeel and Natalie Rivera, of Transformation Services Inc., who are professional speakers, trainers, and coaches.

After years of developing my craft, my skills, and my knowledge, I set out into the world ready to help others and become a leader of my own.


My goal is to empower my clients so that one day they won't need me anymore, and I only promote what has helped me, or what I have seen first-hand help others.

I believe in integrity, authenticity, compassion, and light-heartedness. I want to help create a community, to hold space for seekers of all backgrounds, to explore their divinity. I want my inner peace to radiate outwards, and to help cultivate that feeling in others. I strive to spread faith, recognition, and gratitude to the source of all that is. 

I want to help people like you discover the joy of being your truest self.

Excited to make a change? Let's talk.